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Starting a new business can be scary. It’s full of risk and every field is crowded. The good news is that there’s always a way to reach any audience you want. Social Media is God’s gift to any marketer. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, and many others have given businesses a new frontier to reach potential clients.

At Top of the World, we’re committed to taking that new business and make sure it can reach it’s full potential. We analyze brands, market trends, local competition, and your industry to help steer the best course of action in marketing.

Not sure if you want that responsibility? That’s fine as we can also manage your social media completely, giving you more free time to focus on what you want to do.

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Top of the World Social Media understands every business needs a different approach based on a number of factors. Industry, size, location, competitor, and more play a role.


01. Research

Using our resources, we’ll look into your industry, competitors, and localization.


02. Information Architecture

We build your content from blogs, articles, pictures, video, and gifs.


03. Content Structure

We’ll create a social media calendar that tells you the best time to post.


04. User Management

We’ll use email lists and social media followers to not only respond to your page, but to also continually return to your page.


05. Numbers Development

We’ll strategize your paid advertising budget to see how many customers we need to generate a proper return and profit.


Why worry about the stress and responsibility of running social media channels and marketing when Top of the World Social Media can take on all of that for you?

Top of the World Social Media does your social media marketing different. Most guys will offer a large catalog of services, from different kinds of posts to social media calendars to design templates, forcing you to pick and chose what you think is the right one and receiving a template or a quick answer.

We understand it can be overwhelming and confusing.

We make it easier to understand.


Top of the World Social Media understands every business needs a different approach based on a number of factors. Industry, size, location, competitor, and more play a role.




This is where you figure out. Do you need an outside consultant on what to do? Do you want us to handle everything social media related to you? Do you need us to educate someone in your company to take on the responsibility? If you’re having a hard time figuring out what’s best, don’t be afraid to contact us for more information.



We get into contact with you. We’ll want to know everything about you and your business. We want to know your goals (are you looking for leads? Are you looking for brand awareness?). This will give us a framework to help determine what your audience is and where we’re going to find them.



If you already have a social media page, we’ll launch a social media audit to see what currently works and how to use that to your advantage. If your starting from scratch, then that’s okay! No matter how long your page has been up, we’ll create a design and strategy that you can use for a long time.



We launch our strategy, keeping up to date with your business, any deals going on, any occasions you want to celebrate. Is something not working? Is something missing we should be focusing on? We make sure nothing is forgotten and that your business is meeting their goals thorough social media.


All you need to figure out is how long you need us for. Unlike a typical social media management business that may only work with you once, we set things on a month-to-month contact basis. This is basically a subscription service for us to manage and strategize your social media management. What you need to decide is how long you want to use us for.

You can choose either 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months sessions.

If you’re ready to have a greater control and marketing strategy for businesses social media pages, click below to order. If you have more questions, contact us and we’ll be able to answer them.



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Having an outside social media Management Company can sound daunting, but we’re ready to help you save time and responsibility. Top of the World wants to help you sit on top of the social media world.